Energy Policy Study Group

The Energy Policy Study Group examines public policy issues related to Alaska oil and gas industry and public utilities. This group is co-chaired by Mary Ann Pease and Bernie Smith. The focus of the group in recent years has been exploring emerging energy issues and tracking policy changes in traditional energy sectors.

March 10, 2023Makushin Geothermal Project UpdateBernie KarlSession Recording

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February 16, 2023Energy Frontiers: Microreactors, Storage, and MoreRob Bernard
Michael Valore
Session Recording

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December 15, 2022Green Hydrogen: How it can fuel Alaska's future. Isaac Vanderburg

Dr. Erin Whitney

Peter Barnes
Session Recording

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November 4, 2022The Politics of EnergyLarry Persily Session Recording

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October 14, 2022Arctic Road RallyTim LeachSession Recording

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October 7, 2022Kodiak Electric Association: Renewables, Innovations, and ChallengesDarron ScottSession Recording

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September 9, 2022Energy Economics: A Discussion of Energy Options for Southcentral AlaskaMark FosterSession Recording

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February 25, 2022Chugach Electric Association: Update - Outlook - InnovationsArthur MillerSession Recording

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February 18, 2022Alaska LNG ProjectNick SzymoniakSession Recording

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January 28, 2022Best Practices for Transmission and Power Pooling: Lessons from the Pacific NorthwestScott WaplesSession Recording

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December 17, 2021Alaska's Utilities and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ActCrystal Enkvist
Michael Rovito
Session Recording
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07/13/2021High Altitude Wind Energy: Kite TechnologyRichard Illi, Chief Engineer
Session Recording

06/18/2021Electric Vehicles in AlaskaShaina Kilcoyne
Dimitri Shein
Sean Skaling
Session Recording
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06/04/2021Makushin Geothermal: Powering the Future in UnalaskaErin Reinders
Dave Matthews
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05/21/2021Innovation at a Rural Electric Cooperative: What's in the Water in Cordova?Clay KoplinSession Recording
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05/07/2021Small-scale Nuclear Power: Will it Work in Alaska?Gwen Holdmann
Richelle Johnson
Isaac Vanderburg
Session Recording
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UACED - Johnson Slide Deck
Launch Alaska - Vanderburg Slide Deck

04/09/2021Power Cost EqualizationMeera KohlerSession Recording
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4/2/21Bradley Lake Hydro Electric Project, SQ LineTony Izzo, General Manager, Matanuska Electric AssociationSession Recording
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03/12/21Creating a Railbelt Reliability Council: Reducing Cost, Increasing EfficiencyJulie Estey, MEA
Chris Rose, REAP
Session Recording
3/5/21Update on the ML&P AcquisitionLee Thibert, CEO of the Chugach Electric AssociationSession Recording
2/26/21Innovative Energy Solutions for Alaska - Alaska Center for Energy and PowerGwen Holdmann, DirectorSession Recording
12/18/20Furie Operating Alaska, Briefing and OutlookJohn HendrixSession Recording
12/4/20Blue Fuels: The market potential and financial implications for Alaska's energy outlookMark FosterSession Recording
8/11/20Potential of River and Tidal Hydropower for Rural AlaskaStuart Davies, CEO, ORPCSlide Deck
9/7/20Usibelli's Biomass ProjectRob Brown, Vice President of Business Development, UsibelliSlide Deck
7/10/20Emerging Renewable Energy Initiatives in Alaska.Isaac Vanderburg, CEOSlide Deck
6/26/20Energy Supply and OpportunitiesJohn Sims, President, ENSTAR Natural Gas Company
6/12/20Outlook on energy projects given the impact of COVID-19.Curtis Thayer, Executive Director, Alaska Energy Authority
6/5/20COVID-19 Impact on Alaska's Oil and Gas IndustryJustin Black, Deputy Director, Division of Oil and Gas
4/3/20Global Oil Market UpdateLarry Persily, Oil and Gas Columnist
2/28/20Creating the Railbelt Reliability CouncilJulie Estey, Director of External Affairs, Matanuska Electric Association
2/21/20Increasing Power Generation for the RailbeltBob Day, Manager of Bradley Lake Hydro, Homer Electric Association Slide Deck
2/17/20Willow Solar Farm ProjectJenn Miller, CEO
Chris Colbert, CFO
Renewable IPP, LLC
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1/10/20Reducing the Cost of Energy in AlaskaCurtis Thayer, Executive Director, Alaska Energy AuthoritySlide Deck
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This 2012 report clarifies the current state of production, fuel transportation, and consumption of energy in rural Alaska and offers long-term, viable, cost-effective solutions to those challenges.

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Transportation and energy infrastructure development in Alaska is at a crossroads. The vitality of the economy and the well-being of Alaskans are at stake. Decisive action must be taken now to develop integrated systems.

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The Board of Directors and members engaged in a seventeen week targeted study that evaluated the primary public policy concerns associated with Alaska’s oil tax structure. It was determined that the current oil production tax adversely affects investment in oil production on the North Slope and progressivity should be modified.

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Commonwealth North commissioned this study to evaluate solutions and facilitate dialogue relevant to energy policy throughout Alaska and develop guidelines and recommendations for a secure energy future. Alaska is rich in natural energy sources and yet many Alaskans struggle to meet rising energy costs.

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The Governor, his staff and consultants have worked over two years to negotiate a contract with the major gas producers to bring the North Slope gas to market. Agreements included in the proposed contract raise several major public policy issues for the State of Alaska.

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