Board of Directors

Preston Simmons

Senior Vice President and Chief Executive – Providence Health & Services Alaska

Admiral Thomas Barrett
Vice President

Former president, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Isaac Vanderburg

Managing Director Launch Alaska

Father Leo Walsh

Pastor and Adjutant Judicial Vicar St. Patrick’s Parrish

Scott Jepsen
Immediate Past President

Past Vice President, External Affairs and Transportation ConocoPhillips Alaska

Nils Andreassen

Executive Director – Alaska Municipal League

Larry Baker

Partner – Baker Spoerhase Investments

Ryan Binkley

President and CEO –  Anchorage Daily News

Matthew Blattmachr

President and CEO – Peak Trust Company

Moire Bockenstedt

Vice President, Corporate Administration & Government – Ogloonik Corporation  

Cheryl Frasca
Co-Chair, Fiscal Policy Study Group

Director, OMB, Municipality of Anchorage

Dave Karp

Senior Vice President/Managing Director – Alaska, Saltchuk

Ben Kellie

CEO and Founder – The Launch Company

Kris Knauss

Managing Partner – Confluence Strategies

Craig Richards

Attorney at Law Chair, Board of Trustees – Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Gail Schubert

President and CEO – Bering Straits Native Corporation

Bernie Smith

Commissioner, Regulatory Commission of Alaska (1999-2003)

Ben Stevens

Vice President, External Affairs and Transportation – ConocoPhillips Alaska

Ralph Townsend

Professor of Economics UAA, Institute of Social and Economic Research

Becky Windt-Pearson

Senior Vice President, Law and Corporate Advocacy, and General Counsel – GCI General Communication, Inc.


Joe Beedle
President Emeritus
Judy Brady
President Emeritus
Tom Case
President Emeritus


Joe Griffith
President Emeritus


Karen Hunt
President Emeritus


Michael Jungreis
President Emeritus
Marc Langland
President Emeritus


Janie Leask
President Emeritus
James Linxwiler
President Emeritus
Jeff Lowenfels
President Emeritus


Tom Nighswander, M.D.
President Emeritus
Mary Ann Pease
President Emeritus and Energy Policy Co-Chair

Owner MAP Consulting

Terry Smith
President Emeritus

Chief Financial Officer – Vitus Energy President – Unified Operations, LLC CFO/VP Finance, Airstrike Firefighters, LLC

Mead Treadwell
President Emeritus
David Wight
President Emeritus


Eric Wohlforth
President Emeritus

Co-Chair Fiscal Policy Study Group Attorney Jermain, Dunnagan & Owens, P.C. Trustee, Alaska Permanent Fund Corp, 1995-2006 Commissioner, DOR, 1970-1972

Jim Yarmon
President Emeritus