Topic: Fiscal

Alexei Painter, director of the Division of Legislative Finance, provides an analysis of the Governor’s FY2024 operating and capital budgets. Painter responds to questions from the study group and references possible amendments to the governor’s proposed budget.

OMB director Neil Steininger presented Governor Dunleavy’s FY2024 budget proposal. Steininger provides comparisons to recent budgets, briefly touches on the carbon credits revenue proposal, and provides a ten-year budget projection. Slide Deck

Senator Natasha von Imhof addressed Commonwealth North on January 11, 2023 to discuss the FY2024 budget for the State of Alaska. She discussed the state’s revenue outlook, historical spending, the impact of the dividend, and lost economic opportunities due to not addressing the state’s fiscal policy in a long-term manner. Session Recording: Slide Deck:

The House Majority Caucus recently commissioned a survey of Alaskans’ awareness and attitudes about proposals to resolve Alaska’s fiscal dilemma. Matt Larkin with Dittman Research will walk us through the results of that survey and take your questions. Register here.

Fiscal Policy Study Group Legislative Update with Tim Bradner Online via Zoom or by phone Friday, March 20th 8am-9am Due to the impacts of Covid-19 on our lives and our economy, it is more important than ever for Alaskans to be well informed and to communicate with one another about public policy issues. Commonwealth North […]

State Retirement System Funding Mike Barnhill Deputy Commissioner of Revenue Alaska Housing Finance Corporation Friday, February 21st 8am-9am Deputy Commissioner Mike Barnhill will dial in from Juneau to discuss the funding status of the State’s retirement systems, what guidelines the State uses to determine funding sufficiency, and what the administration recommends to ensure pension obligations […]

Fiscal Policy Study Group Strategies for Inflation-Proofing the Permanent Fund Craig Richards Chair of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation Board of Trustees Friday, January 31st 8am-9am BP Energy Center 900 E. Benson Blvd. (Map) Building opens at 7:45am Craig will discuss the Permanent Fund’s efforts to optimize the fund to provide a sustainable POMV payment […]

Fiscal Policy Study Group with Senator Natasha von Imhof Representative Jennifer Johnston Alaska Housing Finance Corporation 4300 Boniface Pkwy Last Friday ISER Director Ralph Townsend gave a thought-provoking presentation on the policy options and implications for use of Permanent Fund earnings. Of particular interest is the impact that inflation-proofing the fund may have on Fund […]

Join CWN for lunch with Governor Mike Dunleavy   Wednesday, January 15th Noon-1pm   The Petroleum Club of Anchorage 3301 C Street   (doors open at 11:45am) This program has sold out. Watch video of the event.  Join us for lunch and a conversation with Governor Mike Dunleavy. As the 2020 legislative session approaches, this will […]

Fiscal Policy Study Group Inflation-proofing, the POMV draw, and the Earnings Reserve: Understanding the Interconnections with Professor Ralph Townsend, Director of ISER BP Energy Center 8am-9am Building opens at 7:45am The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here. In 2018, the Legislature passed SB 26 which established a “percent of market value” (POMV) which defines and […]