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Commissioner John Boyle recently addressed Commonwealth North to discuss implementation of Senate Bill 48, which authorizes the state to develop carbon management projects on state lands and sell carbon offset credits and to lease state lands for carbon management purposes. He also addresses the prospect for pending legislation that would authorize the state to develop […]

April 10, 2023

ICYMI: House Ways & Means

Rep. Ben Carpenter, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee addresses Commonwealth North’s Fiscal Policy Study Group. Carpenter outlines that the committee chose the work of the 2021 Fiscal Policy Working Group as a starting point for its efforts. The committee is considering legislation that would codify a spending cap and dividend solution in […]

April 10, 2023

ICYMI: Reporting Alaska

A panel of Alaska journalists, editors, and news directors speak about the challenges of Reporting Alaska. The panel is moderated by Rosey Robards, executive director of the Alaska Press Club and the Alaska Teen Media Institute. Panelists include Rachel Kallander, editor of The Cordova Times; Andrew Kitchenman, editor in chief of the Alaska Beacon; Julia […]

Bernie Karl updates Commonwealth North’s Energy Policy Study Group on the Makushin Geothermal Project on March 10, 2023. Karl outlines project milestones to date and planned actions for future progress.

Senator Bill Wielechowski addressed Commonwealth North’s Fiscal Policy Study Group regarding his proposal to enshrine the Permanent Fund Dividend in the Alaska State Constitution on March 3, 2023.

Senator James Kaufman, Senate District F, discusses a proposed amendment to the Alaska Constitution that would establish an appropriations limit based on a five-year trailing average of state gross domestic product. Senate Bill 20 is a companion bill, which would amend the Executive Budget Act to align with the proposed amendment. February 27, 2023

Commonwealth North’s Energy Policy Study Group hears from Rob Bernard and Michael Valore of Westinghouse Electric. Bernard addresses a new approach to long-duration energy storage. He describes Westinghouse’s design for pumped thermal energy storage. Valore provides an update on the status of moving toward the commercialization of nuclear microreactors.

Alexei Painter, director of the Division of Legislative Finance, provides an analysis of the Governor’s FY2024 operating and capital budgets. Painter responds to questions from the study group and references possible amendments to the governor’s proposed budget.

Infrastructure is often the key to Alaska’s greatest opportunities. Dave Gamez and Tor Anderzen with the Alaska Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers will provide a briefing on Alaska’s Infrastructure Report Card. Commissioner John MacKinnon with the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities will provide an outlook for efforts to maintain, improve, and […]

In 2022, Alaskan voters will vote in the state’s first open top-four primaries for governor, state legislative seats, and congressional offices. We’ve invited Eric McGhee, a senior fellow with the Public Policy Institute of California, to join us for a forum on open primaries. McGhee’s research focuses on elections, legislative behavior, political reform, and surveys and polling. […]