Health Care Reform

Commonwealth North has created an Health Care Action Coalition to address Alaska’s critical health needs. This group is chaired by Duane Heyman and Tom Nighswander.

Advocacy Coalitions provide continuity in support of recommendations from CWN studies. This program reaches the longer term goal of influencing public policy, in addition educating our members and the public.

This group meets periodically to track the activities and issues affecting major Health Care policy in Alaska. They keep the CWN Board apprised of new developments and the need for additional studies, recommendations, or other involvement by CWN to support the implementation of good public policy.

10/28/21Perspectives from the Alaska Department of Health and Social ServicesCommissioner Adam Crum
Deputy Commissioner Al Wall
Session Recording
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This report is the result of a 9-month long study of the primary health care system of Alaska. It details current issues surrounding the cost, access and quality of primary health care in Alaska and makes many suggestions for improvement. It was chaired by Board members Marvin Swink and Dr. Tom Nighswander.

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Discussion of the adequacy of the current health care system. Focus on the unique issues in Alaska and discuss Alaskan’s needs on the individual and state levels.

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