Food Security Study Group

In March, 2019 the CWN Board of Directors approved a study scope to examine food security in Alaska and to identify policy recommendations that would strengthen Alaska’s ability to produce economically sustainable locally sourced food.

Alaska has a small population spread across a vast geography. In-state food production is limited and highly seasonal. More than 95 percent of the state’s food supply comes from Outside and depends on a complex supply chain. The state is susceptible to natural disasters, meteorological events, and man-made disasters that have disrupted that supply chain. How then can the State of Alaska ensure food security? What measures of food security can we use to assess our capacity and resilience?

Join the Food Security Study Group as we explore Alaska’s capacity for food production, food supply chain, and capacity to respond to emergency feeding contingencies.

Charge Statement: Charge for study of Food Security in Alaska Approved March 27, 2019 

August 6, 2020Child Nutrition ProgramsJo Dawson, Alaska Department of Education and Early DevelopmentSession Recording
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July 23, 2020Mariculture, Aquaculture, and the Seafood Supply ChainJulie Decker, Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation
Tommy Sheridan, Prince William Sound Aquaculture Association
Session Recording
Slide Deck - Sheridan
Slide Deck - Decker
July 16, 2020Indigenous Food Sovereignty, Subsistence, and Personal Use HarvestCarolina Behe, Inuit Circumpolar Conference
Jim Hall, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Session Recording
Slide Deck - Behe
Slide Deck - Fall
Alaskan Inuit Food Security Conceptual Framework
ICC Food Sovereignty and Food Security
ADF&G Food Security White Paper
ADF&G Subsistence Update
Wild Harvest Notebook
June 25, 2020Session Recap and OutlookBrian MurkowskiSlide Deck
Session Recording
June 18, 2020Mass Feeding: Capacity and InfrastructureMultipleSession Recording
June 11, 2020Port of AlaskaSteve RibuffoSlide Deck
Session Recording
September 9, 2019Personal Use of Alaska's WildlifeTom Harris
September 4, 2019Personal Use of Alaska's WildlifeRick Green, ADF&G
August 28, 2019Personal Use of Alaska's WildlifeCharles Parker, Alaska Village Initiatives
August 9, 2019Food Supply Chain
Agriculture Risk Management
David Weisz, Three Bears Alaska
Nicole Gueck, Agrilogic
Session Recording
July 24, 2019Health Impact AssessmentsSarah Yoder, ADHSSSession Recording
July 10, 2019Health Impact AssessmentsEd Fogels, Jade NorthSession Recording
June 26, 2019Alaska Farm BureauAmy SeitzSession Recording
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June 12, 2019Alaska Farmland TrustAmy Knapp PettitSession Recording
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June 7, 2019Anti-Hunger Policy and Advocacy in AlaskaEve Van DommelenSession Recording
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May 22, 2019Alaska Food Policy CouncilRachael MillerSlide Deck
May 15, 2019Congressional Action on Local Agriculture Karen McCarthy, Senator Murkowski's OfficeSession Recording
May 8, 2019Division of AgricultureDavid SchadeSession Recording
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May 1, 2019Food Security BriefingEd FogelsSession Recording
April 17, 2019Study Group Work SessionCo-ChairsSession Recording
Mitigating a Crisis: Critical Public Policies for Alaska's Food Security
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How to assess the Arctic from an Inuit perspective.

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