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September 25, 2020

September 30th: Alaska’s Economy in the time of COVID

Oil  –  Seafood  –  Visitors:
Three of Alaska’s Major Economic Sectors
in the Time of COVID

Wednesday, September 30th



Alaska’s economy continues to weather the challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic. How are the oil, seafood, and visitor industries facing these challenges? What impacts has the pandemic had? How are these industries pivoting toward the future? Commonwealth North hosts the leaders of these industries’ trade associations to share their reflections and outlooks for their respective industry.


  • Kara Moriarty, Alaska Oil and Gas Association
  • Chris Barrows, Pacific Seafood Processors Association
  • Sarah Leonard, Alaska Travel Industry Association

How to Zoom You can join us from any computer, smart phone, or tablet by clicking the link emailed to you after registration. If you plan to connect by tablet or smartphone, I recommend visiting Zoom.com prior to the program to download the app. You can watch this tutorial for more information.