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May 13, 2019

May 17th: Fiscal Policy Study Group

Fiscal Policy Study Group

New Study on The State of Alaska’s Debt Management and Retirement System

First National Bank Alaska
Operations Center
1751 Gambell St

second floor

(doors open at 7:45am)

Friday morning we will meet to discuss a new study which was recently approved by the CWN board of directors. Over the next several months, our goal will be to understand the State of Alaska’s debt management practices, the State retirement system, and to provide recommendations for a fiscally sustainable path forward. It is critical that Alaskans understand and effectively manage these two issues given their significant impact on current and future state budgets.

Included in our study will be a discussion of how local communities and regions are making choices about incurring local debt based on the current state debt reimbursement program. We will also need to understand how local communities and the state might be impacted by any proposed changes we recommend.

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