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February 12, 2021

March 3: Alaska Seafood: Markets, Players, and Issues

Alaska Seafood:
Markets, Players, Issues

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Noon – 1:00 pm

The seafood industry is a major component of the Alaska economy.* This program features an overview of the economics of Alaska Seafood, a look at the harvesting and processing sectors, and discussion of industry status and and outlook for 2021. Speakers have also been asked to identify any issues or policies the industry may seek or anticipate in light of a new administration and current circumstances. 


  • Jeremey Woodrow, executive director – Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
  • Frances Leach, executive director – United Fishermen Alaska 
  • Chris Barrows, executive director – Pacific Seafood Processors Association
  • Stephanie Madsen, executive director – At Sea Processors Association

Seafood Industry – An Economic Snapshot:**

  • The seafood industry contributed $5.6 billion in economic output to Alaska’s economy in 2017/2018, including harvesting, processing, and support sectors.
  • About 58,700 workers were directly employed by Alaska’s seafood industry, earning $1.7 billion in wages annually.
  • There were 29,400 skippers, active permit owners and crew who fished in Alaska, of which 16,319 (56%) were Alaska residents.
**Laine Welch – Fish Factor in Anchorage Daily News, January 28, 2020