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March 9, 2021

March 12: Energy Policy Study Group

Energy Policy Study Group

Creating a Railbelt Reliability Council:

Reducing Cost, Increasing Efficiency

Friday, March 12

The Railbelt Reliability Council was created as a result of state legislation (SB123)The RRC provides a forum and structure for the six interconnected Railbelt utilities, along with six non-utility stakeholders, to work together to address Railbelt-wide regional electric system issues in order to ensure grid resilience and reduce long term costs.


Julie Estey, MEA

Chris Rose, REAP

The program is free of charge but please register to receive login details.   How to Zoom You can join us from any computer, smart phone, or tablet by clicking the link emailed to you after registration. If you plan to connect by tablet or smartphone, I recommend visiting Zoom.com prior to the program to download the app. You can watch this tutorial for more information.