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January 29, 2020

February 5th Energy Action Coalition

Energy Action Coalition
Climate Leadership Council’s Carbon Dividend Plan
Ryan Costello, Managing Director of Americans for Carbon Dividends
Catrina Rorke, Vice President of Research for the Climate Leadership Council
Wednesday, February 5th
Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
500 W 36th Avenue
room 201
Download the PowerPoint here.
The Climate Leadership Council is an international policy institute based in Washington, D.C. and was founded to promote a carbon dividends plan to incentivize significant reductions in carbon emissions.
They propose an economy-wide fee on CO2 emissions starting at $40 a ton and increasing every year at 5% above inflation. They believe the plan could cut U.S. CO2 emissions in half by 2035. All net proceeds from this fee would be paid as a dividend to Americans on a quarterly basis to help cover increased energy costs.
Additional details of their plan can be found here.
The Climate Leadership Council’s climate dividend has been featured by international press and is supported by prominent national policy leaders and major corporations. The purpose of this meeting is to understand the plan and its potential impact on Alaska. We are meeting next Wednesday to accommodate our guest speakers’ schedule as they visit Alaska to discuss their plan.