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Fall Special Session Agenda
Governor Bill Walker

Petroleum Club of Anchorage
3301 C St.
September 29th


Thank you to Mort and Anne Plumb for sponsoring today’s program!

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Last week, CWN hosted a sold-out program with a distinguished panel including Governor Bill Walker; Department of Revenue Commissioner Sheldon Fisher; and Scott Kendall, the Governor’s Chief of Staff, to discuss the Governor’s recent call for a special legislative session in October. The Legislature will convene on October 23rd to address public safety issues and raising new state revenue through a payroll tax. On the call are Senate Bill 54, which addresses Class-C felonies, and a bill to enact a flat wage tax. The Governor has proposed a payroll tax of 1.5 percent of wages earned by Alaskans and non-resident workers, capped at $2,200 or twice the previous year’s permanent fund dividend amount—whichever is higher.

Commonwealth North has been contributing to Alaska’s fiscal policy dialogue since 1980 with reports and forums addressing sustainable budgets, the Permanent Fund, additional revenue generation, and ways to better manage state spending. Our Fiscal Policy Study Group meets on a regular basis to closely examine the state’s fiscal challenges and identify effective recommendations for policy makers to help reduce state spending, identify strategies to meet the state’s fiscal needs, and examine the implications of new revenue options. Our most recent report, The States Operating Budget: Critical Crossroads, Choices, and Opportunities (Update), is available on our website.

The Governor’s proclamation can be viewed here.