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The Petroleum Club of Anchorage 3301 C St.

Alaska’s Role in a Commercial Space Industry

August 22nd

The Petroleum Club of Anchorage

noon – 1pm

(doors open at 11:45am)

Commonwealth North is joining with the Alaska World Affairs Council to welcome Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Defense and Interior Security, and Dr. Pete Worden former Director of NASA’s Ames Research Center and retired USAF Brigadier General, to discuss the rapidly growing commercial space industry and Alaska’s potential role. Luxembourg is a leading nation in commercial space exploration and is home to the world’s second largest satellite company generating $2 billion in annual revenues.

The government of Luxembourg has launched an initiative (SpaceResources.lu) to attract “new space” tech companies to Luxembourg. This initiative includes leveraging Luxembourg’s existing space industry, financial center, and university and public research centers, with international partners. The Deputy Prime Minister is visiting Alaska to learn more about Alaska’s capabilities in the space sector and to engage with Alaskans to explore possibilities of cooperation in space activity.


DMP Etienne SchneiderHEM. Etienne Schneider

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Defense and Interior Security


Dr. Pete Worden

Dr. Pete Worden (Brig. Gen. USAF, Ret.)

Director, NASA Ames Research Center (2006 – 2015)