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On Friday, June 16th, we continued our series, Coffee with the Bradners. Mike and Tim Bradner joined us for an update on the latest news from the legislative session in Juneau. This series in an excellent opportunity for you to get an in-depth look at the political scene in Juneau and keep a pulse on current issues and legislation that are being discussed on the floor. It’s also an opportunity for Mike and Tim to hear from CWN members what he should keep in mind when reporting from Juneau.

Note the meeting location!

Alaska Communications Business Technology Center

600 E 36th Ave.

On 36th between Old Seward and Denali St.

Mike Bradner is a former Speaker of the House (1975-76) and 10-year member of the State House of Representatives (1966-1976) representing Fairbanks. Since 1976 Mike has published Legislative Digest and done consulting work. During his legislature tenure Mike was instrumental in development of state and local revenue-sharing, state petroleum tax and pipeline regulation policy developed in the 1970s, and the Alaska Permanent Fund, created in 1976 when Mike was Speaker of the House.

Tim Bradner is the editor of Alaska Inc. magazine and has been writing about Alaska natural resources projects since 1966. He was a lobbyist before the state Legislature for BP and Standard Oil of Ohio from 1972 to 1984, when he left to attend graduate school. Since returning to Alaska in 1986, Tim has worked with his brother Mike on Legislative Digest and its sister publication, Alaska Economic Report, as well as writing for other publications, such as the Alaska Journal of Commerce.