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Launching Alaska’s Sesquicentennial Celebration Season:
150 years of Alaska under the American Flag

At the Home of Governor Bill Sheffield
3125 Susitna View Circle

June 8th, 5pm-8pm

Advanced registration required – Space is limited.

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Attire is business casual

Commonwealth North is excited to celebrate the 150th year of Alaska under the American Flag.  Join us for an evening of celebration and history as we mark our sesquicentennial purchase of Alaska from Russia and the launch of our season-long community events with current and past Alaskan Governors.

In 1867, some Americans derided the Alaska purchase as “Seward’s Folly,” “Walrussia,” “a Polar Bear Garden,” “Seward’s Icebox,” and “a sucked orange,” suggesting Alaska’s resources and potential were small or already used up by the departing Russians. This year, Commonwealth North will celebrate 150 years of Alaska under the American flag with a series of events, publications, and a study group report showing not only that the purchase was “worth it” but also showing a vision of further contributions the people of this state can make to U.S. and global economics, security, knowledge and culture.

Register online today and plan to join us the evening of June 8th.

We will also be launching the production of two unique keepsakes to mark this important year.  They are an excellent addition to your collection of Alaskan history for display in your home or office.  These keepsakes will be available for purchase at the June 8th evening celebration and on our website at www.commonwealthnorth.org.
Commemorative Medal in Bronze

The coin will emphasize Alaska’s 2017 motto of, “The Alaska Year of History and Heritage.” The design of the medal includes a side view of William H. Seward that was utilized for the 1968 Centennial Coin, to commemorate 150 years of Alaskan history under the U.S. flag.  The reverse side includes a kayaker from the Edward Curtis silver halide photograph circa 1929, Eskimos in Kayaks (Noatak, Alaska), from his collection in the Library of Congress that captured a photo history of Alaska Native and American Indian heritage. Pre-order on June 8th.


1867 Map of Alaska

Commonwealth North produced a full-color 18×24 print of the first map of Alaska and Russia following the Treaty of Cession.  The print includes images of William H. Seward and Tsar Alexander II, and text illustrating the historical context of the event. This limited-edition print includes the signatures of all living Alaska governors: Keith Miller, Bill Sheffield, Steve Cowper, Tony Knowles, Frank Murkowski, Sarah Palin, Sean Parnell, and Bill Walker.