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At today’s Fiscal Action Coalition meeting, Larry Persily, and Scott Goldsmith presented two models for evaluating options for addressing the state’s fiscal challenges. One model was developed by the Alaska Department of Revenue, the other by UAA’s Institute for Social and Economic Research. We encourage members to download and explore both models as we develop a report on the state’s fiscal policy options and the implications of those options.

Larry Persily is a CWN board member, Special Assistant to the Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor and a former deputy commissioner at the Alaska Department of Revenue. Scott Goldsmith, PhD, is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at UAA and former Director of ISER.

Link to the Alaska Department of Revenue’s revenue and expenditure model (click here)

Link to ISER’s Fiscal Planning Model (click here)

12/07 – At A Crossroad: The Permanent Fund, Alaskans and Alaska’s Future (498 KB)
The report, based on a nine-month study, contains suggestions on management and governance of the Fund. It reviews and critiques past efforts to achieve a statewide consensus for use of non-dividend Fund income. It recommends a statewide dialogue on the fiscal future of the state, since this future must be agreed upon by the Administration, Legislature, and Public.
2015 The States Operating Budget: Critical Crossroads, Choices, and Opportunities (6019 KB)
With Commonwealth North’s long commitment to a sound state fiscal policy and the state faced with a daunting gap between revenue and spending, CWN’s Fiscal Policy Study Group was charged with an examination of the State’s operating budget to identify recommendations to help reduce state spending.