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Since the passage of Alaska’s oil tax reform legislation, both the potential impact of Senate Bill 21 and the effort to repeal the legislation through Ballot Measure 1 have been reoccurring topics of discussion during Commonwealth North’s Energy Action Coalition meetings. Some of our members have expressed an interest in Commonwealth North hosting a moderated question and answer panel discussion to hear informed arguments from Alaskans on both sides of the debate. The goal of this discussion is to enhance the voter’s ability to understand what is before them on Ballot Measure 1.

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Panelists in favor of Ballot Measure 1.

  • Alaska Senator Hollis French – A member of the Senate Natural Resources Committee and Candidate for Lt. Governor.
  • Jack Roderick – A former Anchorage Borough Mayor and Deputy Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. He is also the author of “Crude Dreams. A Personal History Of Oil & Politics In Alaska.”

Panelists opposed to Ballot Measure 1

  • Alaska Senator Cathy Giessel – The Chair of the Senate Natural Resources Committee.
  • Doug Smith – The President and CEO of Little Red Services. LRS has been in operation in Alaska for more than 30 years and provides “hot oil” and other well services on the North Slope.
03/11 – Alaska’s Oil Investment Tax Structure, Establishing A Competitive Alaska (1727 KB)
The Board of Directors and members engaged in a seventeen week targeted study that evaluated the primary public policy concerns associated with Alaska’s oil tax structure. It was determined that the current oil production tax adversely affects investment in oil production on the North Slope and progressivity should be modified.