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Commonwealth North’s March 19th briefing was the first of a three part series presented by Commonwealth North to educate Alaskans on the current challenges and concerns with the development of a natural gas pipeline project from Alaska’s North Slope. Panelists at the next briefings on April 23rd, and May 28th will address the role of the State in investing in large scale private-sector projects, and how the State might finance its share of a North Slope gas pipeline project.

Click here to watch the first of our three part series.

The March 19th panel addressed some of the implications of State participation in a North Slope gas pipeline project.

-Could State participation be financially beneficial to the State?
-Would State participation increase the likelihood of the project’s success?
-Are there options for Alaska other than an equity share that would help move the project forward?
-What are the possible benefits to the producers of State participation?


Nikos Tsafos, Founding Partner of enalytica and currently advisor to Alaska Legislature on Natural Gas Projects; former Director of Global Gas Practice for PFC Energy; former Researcher, Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Dan Dickinson, Trained as a geologist at Brown University and currently holds a CPA license for Alaska. He has served in several state and municipal administrations, including as the director of tax for the State of Alaska in both the Murkowski and Knowles administrations. His consulting practice concentrates on state and local taxes (SALT) with a focus on oil and gas.

Pat Galvin, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Great Bear Petroleum Operating LLC. He is a former Commissioner of Revenue for Alaska under Governor Palin, and has a long history of working on Alaska oil and gas issues, including the pursuit of a natural gas pipeline. In addition to his law degree, Pat has an MBA in Finance and Taxation.

Click on April 23rd, or May 21st for more information and to register for upcoming briefings in this series.