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April 16, 2013

CWN Health Care Study

Commonwealth North has been leading an effort to study, highlight, and identify challenges and opportunities in Alaska’s health care environment in order to bring informed Alaskans to the table and come to solutions that will benefit all Alaskans and ensure these complex health care issues are understood. Alaskans have an opportunity to proactively adjust Alaska’s health care policies.

To that end, the Commonwealth North Board of Directors has approved a charge to engage in a targeted study of health care in Alaska. The intent of this study is to focus on the needs and benefits to employers of the efficient and economic increased wellness of their employees. Through the course of this study, we will utilize past research and information provided by CWN, the Alaska Health Care Commission and other sources; identify and fill information gaps as needed; cull best practices applicable to Alaska employers from private employers and public employers in Alaska and Outside; identify roles, impacts and potential contributions of rational economic actors such as providers, hospitals and nursing homes, insurance companies and ultimately individuals making their own health care choices; and identify Federal, State of Alaska, and local leadership and synergy opportunities as an employer, purchaser and regulator.