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On October 11, Commonwealth North and the Alaska Health Care Commission invited John B. Torinus to explain how his company, Serigraph, tackled the hyperinflation that plagues the nation’s delivery system and offer his blueprint for controlling cost while improving care. In his remarks, Mr. Torinus told how five years into reform, Serigraph spends one-third less than the national average to insure its workers. In 2004, Torinus launched a consumer driven health care plan asking his employees to accept higher deductibles and reasonable co-pays in exchange for incentives that range from a company paid health savings account, to cash bonuses, to paid time off. Three initiatives are at the heart of the plan: consumer responsibility, the return to the use of primary care doctors over specialists, and identifying high centers of value for health care and rewarding workers for using them.

The Company that Solved Health Care: The Serigraph Prescription: Program Video