Fiscal Policy Study Group

Recent and Upcoming Sessions:

February 5, 2021Modernization of State Administrative ServicesCommissioner Kelly TshibakaSession Recording
Digitization and Automation Projects
February 2, 2021Constitutional Amendments and Impacts on Long-term BudgetsNeil Steininger, OMB Director
Miles Baker, Legislative Director
Session Recording
Slide Deck
January 8, 2021State Revenue ProjectionsCommissioner Lucinda Mahoney
Session Recording
Slide Deck
December 18, 2020FY2022 Governor’s Budget BriefingNeil Steininger, OMB DirectorSession Recording
Slide Deck
December 16, 20202021 Legislative Agenda: 14th Annual Legislator Meet and GreetMike Bradner
Tim Bradner
Cheryl Frasca
Session Recording
May 29, 2020State Tax and Revenue OptionsColleen Glover
Cheryl Frasca
Slide Deck
Project Outline
May 15, 2020Community Perspectives on TaxationNils AndreassenSession Recording
May 8, 2020State Revenue UpdatePat PitneySlide Deck

Commonwealth North launched the Alaska Budget Choices web site in September 2020 to engage Alaskans in exploring the budget options the State of Alaska faces for FY2022. The site explores spending and revenue measures, focusing on those programs that rely most on undesignated general funds. 

Get Involved:

Visit www.akbudget.com to submit your budget proposal. 

Learn More:

Review selected results from more than 1,100 completed budgets:  Alaska Budget Choices: What Alaskans Are Saying.

For more details, see the full report here