Alaska Gasline Study Group (Completed 2008)

The Board of Directors of Commonwealth North has asked the Gasline Study Group to continue its investigation and reporting on activities relating to gasline development in the State of Alaska.  The current activity is centered around the AGIA process, and for the past year and a half this study group has had periodic meetings with speakers on the topic, and is planning for the release of a short document about the AGIA process.  Below are some of the resources related to this study topic.

Final Report (1 file)

Administration-Position (3 files)

Icon of AGIA White Paper AGIA White Paper (85.3 KB)

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (3 files)
Icon of AGIA Briefing AGIA Briefing (60.4 KB)

Icon of SNAC Meeting Notes SNAC Meeting Notes (259.1 KB)

Study Group Minutes (3 files)
Icon of April 5 meeting April 5 meeting (80.3 KB)

Icon of Feb. 8 meeting Feb. 8 meeting (76.9 KB)

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