Study and Action Groups

Commonwealth North members conduct studies of public policy issues, prepared by a CWN study group, approved by the Board, and circulated to the public and policy makers. (without regard to politics/Alaska’s interest before special interests/etc. language needed) Past reports and publications can be found under the Publications tab.

Realizing that it will take a unified effort to bring about any lasting change, particularly when dealing with important yet controversial issues, Commonwealth North enhances its study recommendations and maintains a continuing presence in topical areas through Action Coalitions. With coalitions of members, policy makers, organizations, and other Alaskans we will carry a stronger voice to our legislators, the current administration, and the Alaska community at large. Our study groups and action coalitions share the common goal of educating our members on important Alaskan issues in order to bring about good public policy in our state.

A brief history of the program:

Action coalitions provide continuity in support of recommendations from CWN studies. The intent of this program is to provide a forum to increase the impact of CWN studies, and to reach the longer term goal of influencing public policy, in addition to studying and educating our members and the public. To achieve this longer term goal, we need to maintain a continuing presence in the topic areas of interest for the months or years that these areas or issues are germane.

Our current subject areas for these groups are:

These groups meet periodically, as needed, and will track the activities and issues in their respective subject areas. They keep the CWN Board and the participating organizations apprised of new developments and need for additional studies, recommendations, or other involvement to support the implementation of good public policy.

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