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The purpose of the speakers forum is to afford members a greater understanding of a wide range of differing viewpoints. These topics are intended to expand Alaskans' perspectives on national and global issues. This newly gained knowledge and insight is frequently used in planning the future of the state. At the same time, Commonwealth North is challenged to influence visiting dignitaries by providing an understanding of Alaska -- its rich culture, history, resources, values, and potential.

In lieu of honoraria, Commonwealth North provides its guest speakers with a first-hand view of Alaska; to explore the pioneering activities of the oil fields in the Arctic and along the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline; experience the thrill of fishing for trophy-size halibut or salmon; and tour Alaska's vast wilderness, ancient glaciers, turbulent rivers, pristine mountains and abundant wildlife.

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Programs includes a broad range of topics about Alaska, its people, and how we fit into the larger national context.
Alaska's education system from pre-K through higher education, with additional topics related to national education issues.
Alaska's current and future environment and those topics that may be impacting it.
Programs relating to Alaska finances, as well as covering a broader range of topics on state and national private sector financial issues.
Programs about Alaska's health, including potential threats, access and cost of health care and new ideas in providing healthcare systems.
Programs focused on the military presence in Alaska. It can also include issues on a national level.
Alaska's political process, legislature, and national political issues.
Topics dealing with any of Alaska's renewable and non-renewable resources.

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