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Energy Action Coalition
Fiscal Action Coalition
Health Care Action Coalition
 Current Study Groups:

Fiscal Policy Study Group
Fiscal Policy Study Group Meeting
 Past Study Groups:

Rural & Alternative Energy Study (Completed 2012)
Infrastructure Study Group (Completed 2011)
Oil Investment Tax Structure (Completed 2011)
Arctic Issues Study Group (Completed 2008)
Alaska Gasline Study Group (Completed 2008)
Permanent Fund Study Group (Completed 2007)
Alaska Health Care Roundtable (Completed 2005)

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Study and Action Groups

Commonwealth North identifies critical policy issues which members then analyze in studies through discussion and identification of solutions. Reports identifying conclusions and recommendations are published and presented to policy makers, the media, and relevant constituencies. Some recent reports have addressed urban/rural issues, healthcare, the gas line contract, the Permanent Fund and Arctic Issues.

Action Groups
The Board of Directors of Commonwealth North has approved the creation of advocacy coalitions to provide continuity in support of recommendations from CWN studies. The intent of this program is to provide a forum to increase the impact of CWN studies, and to reach the longer term goal of influencing public policy, in addition to studying and educating our members and the public. To achieve this longer term goal, CWN needs to maintain a continuing presence in the topic areas of interest for the months or years that these areas or issues are germane.
Current Study Groups
Past Study Groups

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