Board of Directors & Staff

Mead Treadwell : President

Mead Treadwell


President PT Capital, LLC
Lt. Governor, 2006-2009

Bob Cox : Secretary

Bob Cox


President and CEO

Bristol Bay Industrial, LLC

Terry Smith : Treasurer

Terry Smith



Unified Operations, LLC.

Cheryl Frasca : Past President

Cheryl Frasca

Past President

Director, Office of Management and Budget
Municipality of Anchorage 2002-2006

Thea Agnew Bemben : Program Chair

Thea Agnew Bemben

Program Chair



Tom Case :

Tom Case

Chancellor, University of Alaska Anchorage (2011 - 2017)

Retired US Air Force Lt. General

Deputy Commander in Chief and Chief of Staff, U.S. Pacific Command (2000-2002)

Bill Falsey :

Bill Falsey

Municipality of Anchorage
Municipal Attorney

Scott Jepsen :

Scott Jepsen

Vice President, External Affairs
ConocoPhillips Alaska

Lynn Kennington :

Lynn Kennington

Chief Financial Officer

Alaska Regional Hospital

Meera Kohler :

Meera Kohler

President and CEO
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Lee Leschper : Membership and Marketing Chair

Lee Leschper

Membership and Marketing Chair


Fireweed Strategies

Joe Mathis :

Joe Mathis

Former Vice President of External Affairs

NANA Development Corporation

Brad Osborne :

Brad Osborne

Northern Oilfield Services, Inc.

Sean Parnell :

Sean Parnell

Navigate North Consultants, LLC
Governor 2006-2009

Mary Ann Pease :

Mary Ann Pease


MAP Consulting.

Karen Perdue :

Karen Perdue


Department of Health and Social Services (1994-2001)

Tina Pidgeon :

Tina Pidgeon

Senior Vice President

Mort Plumb :

Mort Plumb

The Plumb Group

Alice Rogoff :

Alice Rogoff

Alaska Dispatch News

Eric Wohlforth :

Eric Wohlforth

Jermain, Dunnagan & Owens, P.C.
Trustee, Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, 1995-2006
Commissioner, Department of Revenue, 1970-1972

Commonwealth North Staff

Jim Egan
Executive Director

Aaron Weddle
Program Director

Commonwealth North
711 M Street, Suite 104, Anchorage AK 99501
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