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February 27, 2015
Commonwealth North Releases Fiscal Policy Study

February 27, 2015
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March 5, 2015
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March 6, 2015
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ANCHORAGE, Cook Inlet Region Office

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Commonwealth North Releases Fiscal Policy Study
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On February 25th, Commonwealth North released its Alaska fiscal policy study: The State's Operating Budget: Critical Crossroads, Choices, and Opportunities.  

Report Now Available Online!

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Cheryl FrascaEric Wohlforth

Study Co-Chairs: Cheryl Frasca and Eric Wohlforth

The report is the result of almost six months of deliberative discussions and presentations within our Fiscal Policy Study Group.  

With Commonwealth North's long commitment to a sound state fiscal policy and the state faced with a daunting gap between revenue and spending, CWN's Fiscal Policy Study Group was charged with an examination of the State's operating budget to identify recommendations to help reduce state spending.

Over the years, CWN studies have focused primarily on the revenue side of the state's ledger, working to find innovative solutions to generate increased revenue needed to provide essential services.  We have learned along the way it is not enough to just address revenue; instead, a thoughtful approach to rightsizing government is necessary.  It's an uncomfortable conversation for many, but critical if Alaska is to ensure choices and opportunity today and into the future.

We hope with this study to bring focus to the operating budget because its obligations are recurring, and these obligations have increased over 100% in the past ten years.


We thank Northrim Bank for helping to sponsor our efforts to shine light on our state's fiscal challenges.

Northrim Bank
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