Commonwealth North’s mission is to educate Alaskans on significant public policy issues and assist in identifying effective solutions.

In that process, CWN fills a unique, non-partisan niche that provides Alaskans with access to policy makers, frank dialogue, and continual civic engagement.  We bring clarity to issues free from political bias, and advocate for thoughtful, deliberative development of public policy.

Governors Bill Egan and Walter Hickel founded the organization in 1979 to bring together Alaskans who cared about Alaska then and into its future. Having once been political opponents, they united to create a non-partisan environment that continues to bring together some of the most inspiring leaders and thinkers of the day; to study and explore the unique nature of Alaska; to wrestle with the toughest policy issues; and prepare Alaskans to step up to public service.

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August 13: Food Security Study Group

Food Security Study Group Large Retailer and Shipper Perspecitves on Food Security and the Pandemic Thursday, August 13th 8am-9am Online With five to seven days of food supply on store shelves, finely-tuned just in time inventory systems, shifting consumer demands, and long, vulnerable supply chains, maintaining food supplies in Alaska is a constantly evolving strategic […]

August 12: Arctic Policy Study Group

Arctic Policy Study Group Alaska’s Arctic and the New Great Power Competition Wednesday, August 12, 2020 8:00 am – 9 am Online Through increased economic and military activity, Russia and China continue to assert interest and presence in the Arctic. How then does the U.S. respond and what implications does that response have for Alaska’s […]

August 26th:Elections Matter: Does Alaska Need Election Reform?

Elections Matter: Does Alaska Need Election Reform?   Wednesday, August 26th Noon-1pm On November 3, 2020, Alaskans will consider an initiative that would make sweeping changes as to how elections are conducted in our state: “An Act Replacing the Political Party Primary with an Open Primary System and Ranked-Choice General Election, and Requiring Additional Campaign […]