Commonwealth North’s mission is to educate Alaskans on significant public policy issues and assist in identifying effective solutions.

In that process, CWN fills a unique, non-partisan niche that provides Alaskans with access to policy makers, frank dialogue, and continual civic engagement.  We bring clarity to issues free from political bias, and advocate for thoughtful, deliberative development of public policy.

Governors Bill Egan and Walter Hickel founded the organization in 1979 to bring together Alaskans who cared about Alaska then and into its future. Having once been political opponents, they united to create a non-partisan environment that continues to bring together some of the most inspiring leaders and thinkers of the day; to study and explore the unique nature of Alaska; to wrestle with the toughest policy issues; and prepare Alaskans to step up to public service.

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Election Reform: Does Alaska Need It?

CWN Presents Election Reform: Does Alaska Need It? Wednesday, March 4th 12:00pm-1:00pm The Petroleum Club of Anchorage 3301 C Street Table sponsorships available.Contact the CWN office at (907) 258-9522 for details or to pay by phone.

February 21st: Energy Action Coalition

Download Bob’s PowerPoint Presentation. Bob will discuss the Bradley Lake hydroelectric power generation station and the Battle Creek Diversion and their contribution to Railbelt energy strategies. He will also discuss the SQ Line which was damaged this summer during the wildfires. The Bradley Creek Diversion Project will divert runoff into Bradley Lake. The project will […]

February 12th: The Permanent Fund’s Alaska Investment Program

The Permanent Fund’s Alaska Investment Program   February 12th 12:00pm-1:00pm The Petroleum Club of Anchorage 3301 C Street This program has sold out. Video is available here. Last year, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation announced the creation of a $200 million fund to expand infrastructure and create economic opportunities in Alaska. Barings LLC manages half […]

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